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The Studio

Bikram Yoga University Village is located in beautiful Palm Desert, CA near Palm Springs.  This Coachella Valley area is known for its clean air and healthful lifestyle.  The studio was designed to have a spa-like feel when you walk in.  We want our customers to have a complete physical and mental rejuvenation experience and the studio environment had to reflect that.  The yoga rooms are long to allow everyone a chance to see them self in the mirror for self-correction and afford the feeling of privacy that makes the new person feel comfortable.   The state of the art heating system maintains an evenly distributed 105 degrees with 40% humidity air flow, which offers you Bikram’s prescribed conditions for your best performance.  The air flows continuously through a CO2 controller, which maintains the optimal balance of oxygen and CO2.  It is also purified through a UV light filter killing germs and bacteria so that you’ll breathe in fresh clear air during your entire class.  The carpets are skid resistant and anti-microbial.  The men and women’s locker rooms have ample storage, changing areas, 3 showers in each and private stalls. 

The studio was built by GHA, designed by Prest Vuksic architects, and Gina McGuire designed the interiors.



                 Ladies Bathroom                                 Ladies Changing area


Ladies Showers


                                         Men's Bathroom, changing area and showers!


                      Yoga Boutique                                      Class in session!

           Generations of yogis and yoginis!


Mar/Apr 2014 - See "New Class Offering"
Tue April 01,2014

Class Schedule 
M, W, F - 5am, 7am, 9am, **10am (light yoga) 11am, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm
T & TH - 7am ,9am, 4pm, 6pm
SAT - 
7am, 9am, 11am, *1:00pm, 3:30pm
SUN - 7am, 9am, 11am, 3:30pm

*Mon, Wed, 8pm Karma class $9 drop in, (Saturday 1pm starts on 3/22)
Friday 8pm donation based class

Class schedule and teachers listed here...


**Light Yoga is a new 75 minute relaxed format yoga class performed in a room just warm enough (90°) to keep muscles supple, flexible and ready to safely stretch.  This class was designed for those not quite ready for a traditional style Bikram class done in the Hot Room (105°).  If heat is a challenge, you are a beginner, are extremely inflexible, or are a senior, this is a perfect class to begin a yoga practice.